The Ultonia Hotel Theatre history began around 1945, year of completion of its current construction. This landmark building opened its doors to the public on the day of Saint Narcis of the same year, becoming the most modern cinema and theatre in the city. As an emblem and symbol of Girona, it was built in the foundations of the old Santa Creu stronghold, being a reference to James I Avenue and rapidly becoming a Mecca for the social life in Girona.

In January 1960, the Ultonia Hotel managed to complete its initial project with the opening of the first café in Girona. As a meeting place for many people in Girona, and an essential reference point for any foreigner who wanted to participate in the social life of the city. Sometime later, especially in the summer of 1962, and after some necessary extensive renovation, the complex offered its services as a hotel, becoming one of the pioneers and most prestigious hotels in the province since then. At the end of the century and after many years as the unforgettable old cinema theatre, it was pulled down to adapt to a more complex infrastructure.

In 2010, after extensive remodelling Hotel Ultonia and Hotel Gran Ultonia reopened as the largest hotel in Girona to continue to be at the forefront and thus remain a benchmark of success in the area.